US 22 Hwy Project


Road sign: construction ahead. For whatever is under construction or work in progress :-)

Photo by Mark König / Unsplash

Local News

The Wisconsin DOT is planning on a major project to renew Highway 22 through the City of Gillett. This will be a time that we, as the community and as the chamber, need to prepare ourselves for the impacts that will create for us and our commerce. The Wisconsin DOT does offer some planning resources to help us in this and prepare us for this time. As a Chamber, we plan to work with all our members to ensure that the impact that this will have will be minimized.

At the above site, you can find all the information that has been provided about the project.

The next provided link is the In This Together workbook and links to assist in ideas to make sure that signage is provided that will direct people via alternative routes into the City of Gillett for business.

As more information is provided, we will try to keep all members updated, and if there are any concerns we will be your advocates in making sure that all of our concerns are being addressed.

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